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La mejores zapatillas y chanclas del mercado a tu disposición, incluyendo modelos exclusivos de marca como Supra, Vans, DC Shoes, FILA, Converse, GLOBE, ASICS y muchas mas. Además para épocas estivales también te ofrecemos el mejor surtido de chanclas.


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RipCare Shoe Goo - Shoe Repair / Reparador de Calzado

RipCare Shoe Goo - Shoe Repair / Reparador de Calzado

An essential item for those of you who struggle with wear on your skate shoes. RipCare Shoe Repair protects against scrapes and tears before they become an issue, or to fix them once they do. Apply several thin layers of RipCare and leave to dry for 24 hours. 

  • For skateboarders by skateboarders
  • For repairing shoes
  • Use for leather, rubber, vinyl, canvas and other common materials used to manufacture skate shoes
  • Can be used to support highly stressed parts of your shoes or repair scuffed sports. 
  • Showerproof & elastic formula
Pris 8,26 €

Zapatillas Warrior White Red WR-01

Zapatillas Warrior White Red WR-01

Straight from Shanghai! Made in China, but nothing less than good quality. The iconic shoes of Warrior were born in 1927. Made as a sneaker for the working class, but worn by young, old, poor and rich. In the 70's, the shoes were incredibly popular as a basketball shoe. With canvas top, rubber toecap and heel reinforcement for the best fit.

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